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With over three decades of experience in the satellite, broadcast, corporate, retail, mobile and IoT, early consultation with our teams on your project will ensure a quality and delivery standard second to none.

Our consultancy team are here to help clients from inception of a project through the various stages and checks to completion. Along the way we can help with; business analysis, system design, infrastructure, architecture, integration, data migration, supplier contract and on-going support.

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Our team is made up of career programmers based in the UK with over three decades of experience to draw on. We see programming as an art form, the computer the canvas, the program the paint that with out you do not or can not have a masterpiece.

Our expertise is focused across platforms using C++, C#, .NET, WPF, Xamarin and building from this highly specialised level through SQL, and ASP.NET web based technologies to HTML5, CSS and responsive user interface experience designs and coding

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With the advent of IoT, 5G, 6DoF, 3D printing and a host of other technologies coming to market, we make it our business to stay updated on these and other technologies so that we can understand the fit to a particular problem a client may bring to us.

We regular test and evaluate these technologies and produce proof of concept for clients before a full commitment to a R&D schedule is made.

While you may be chasing after the latest this or that, a measure of how long it will last and where do you get spares also forms part of the process.

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We have our own range of branded products developed and maintained over the years and designed to meet high demands for technology and solving gapes in the market where a solution may not be easily found.

A collaboration, presentation and whiteboard solution.


Uncompressed 4K/8K video playback.


Video wall and LED display picture in picture controller.


Advanced Digital signage media control and playback.

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As a complementary service we offer UX/UI design along with consultancy on formats and media choices that go hand in hand with a roll out project.

Our UX/UI team engages with the project, client and user to build a comprehensive structure to an efficient and responsive experience that is fit for purpose.

Where we are working on specialist playback, the team brings a wide range of experience and creativity to complement existing assets and process.

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After Care Support

We offer customers a multi-tier support structure that encompasses all levels of requirement. This may range from telephone and email support, through remote access, onsite support with the supply and distribution of remotely held stock.


Support is available in a choice of four off the shelf packages or as a custom designed program to match your business requirements.


Training programs help to ensure that you get the very best from your investment. Training can be for one person or a small group and may take place on-site or at our office. 

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