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Our Mission

"The Art of Digital Writing".

Our mission is simple, to listen, understand, determine and apply, as technologist, our talents to solving problems for our clients. A computer is a blank canvas without software, we use our creative talents to write the software thus creating the bigger picture.


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Chris Fulton

CEO, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Coder, Futurist, Founder

Started computer programming professionally in 1977.

First ever program of more the 100 lines of code, was a lunar landing “simulator” in BASIC. This was while studying programming and basically gave a numerical print out of your speed, height and other metrics etc. while entering thrust vectors. All achieved using a time sharing terminal to an ICL2903 with punch tape as backup.

He quickly progressed onto a CDC6600 back then 1979 the fastest computer available, writing FORTRAN 77 for building simulation under external conditions and was his first professional appointment. At this time Chris formed his first company "Fulton Software Services" that became "Future Software Ltd" in 1997.

To this day Chris is still an active coder in C/C++ and spends time consulting and acting strategist for clients on new technologies.

Chris counts, Satellite Communications, Broadcast TV, Command & Control, Video Conferencing, Experiential, Mobile Telecoms', IoT and Digital Signage as markets where he has supplied solutions, experience and development services.

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